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Youth Development

Given that the life expectancy of the average Malawian is just 38 years, the youth in a community very quickly find themselves with adult responsibilities. As part of the work we do with the youth in a community, Hope Missions seeks to provide the essential life skills training and education that are important for embarking on adult life but which the adults in the community are currently unable to provide.

We runs life skills workshops on subjects such as ‘effective leadership’, ‘building lasting relationships’ and ‘working together’, to name a few examples. In addition to life skills we seek to provide education on matters such as sexuality, HIV/AIDS, health, nutrition and sanitation. All the training we provide is closely linked, though not limited, to the biblical teaching on these issues and we seek to demonstrate how these biblical teachings hold relevance and wisdom for our lives today.

In addition to the life skills and education, we seek to provide the youth with practical skills wherever possible, which includes carpentry, brick-laying and agriculture. The youth are encouraged to take an active role in all the work that Hope Missions does in a community so that they can learn by doing, working alongside our community liaison representatives.

Given the low life expectancy and their fast-track to adulthood, we also try our best to provide the youth with every opportunity to enjoy themselves alongside receiving practical teaching by helping them to arrange inter-village sports tournaments and youth outreach events. We are passionate to see the youth of today become the wise and effective leaders of tomorrow, so that they might help their villages to work their way out of the poverty trap.

"Transforming communities through the implementation of programs which affect all areas of community life including: agriculture, education, economic empowerment, advocacy and discipleship, working through the local church and community leaders."

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