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About Volunteering

Hope Missions Ministries is a small grass-roots organisation so we rely heavily on the assistance and input of volunteers to help us drive new initiatives and grow the organisation and our impact. We welcome volunteers as both teams and individuals so whatever your background or position please do contact us if you would like to explore volunteer opportunities with us.

Please be aware that as a Christian organisation it is important to us that all volunteers share our values and so we do seek references from church pastors before we accept a volunteer placement or team.

Please also note the following information which you should read thoroughly before contacting us:

Being a part of a volunteer team can be a fantastic way to not only experience some of the challenges we face every day but also make a real impact to the work that we do. People wishing to organise a team to visit our projects in Malawi should contact us through the website letting us know the dates of their availability and the sort of project they would like to be involved in. We welcome fresh ideas and input as one of the key benefits for us of having external teams visit is the skills, enthusiasm and vibrancy that they bring to our work helping us to reach and involve a greater number of people within the community.


Unfortunately as a small organisation we currently do not run internships or volunteer placement schemes for summer vacations or gap-year experiences. We do still encourage the support of individuals who wish to explore longer-term placements. We welcome the fresh ideas, the additional pairs of hands and the encouragement that all volunteers bring and we particularly seek the help and support of people who are self-starters and who are not afraid to dream big. We believe our God is big and therefore we should not limit ourselves to the things we think are humanly possible.

All individuals wishing to explore such opportunities should be aware that as a small organisation we do not have the resources to provide any means of financial support and would expect you to be self-supporting.

Ideas & Inspiration

The following are some ideas of the sorts of ways in which individuals or teams can be of value to us:
  • Evangelistic programmes and events such as the Jesus Film.
  • Workshops & community training such as 'HIV/AIDS', 'Gender Issues' and 'Building a Healthy Marriage'.
  • Practical skills training such as Construction, Carpentry, Sewing and Running a Small Business.
  • Christian Education, Discipleship Programmes and Church Leadership Development.
We welcome your ideas and inspiration but encourage you to be sensitive to cultural issues and discuss any ideas with us first before you invest too much time in them. Most of all we look forward to building long and lasting relationships with all persons who join hands with us in serving some of the poorest communities in the world.

"Transforming communities through the implementation of programs which affect all areas of community life including: agriculture, education, economic empowerment, advocacy and discipleship, working through the local church and community leaders."

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