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2016: Issue 1 - April 2016

Read about a National Award for our dear friend, Chief Chapsinja! Read also about the completion of the primary school in his village, the new church plant in Chakwanira and the baptisms, our newly launched income generating activities and an update on ministries with the Chiefs.

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2015: Issue 2 - October 2015

Read updates about the visits from Links International and Nailsea Baptist Church as well as the completion of the third classroom block at the school in Chapsinja. Also we report the wonderful news of the ordination of our very own Joseph Likhoko as a Minister in the Baptist Church of Malawi!
2015: Issue 1 - May 2015

Read updates about the relief work following the floods and the current situation in Malawi with the drought. Also included is the latest news about exciting developments with talking bibles and pictures of the new church building in Chapendeka.
2015: Special Flood Update

A brief update on the situation in Malawi, what Hope Missions are doing in response and how you can help us help the people of Kayabwa, Lemesi, Chapendeka and Thugwalugwa at this time.
2014: Issue 1 - January 2014

Read about the first UK Supporters meeting, updates of the team visits from Links International and Nailsea Baptist Church and Honey Harvesting in Chapsinja with Richard Emmett. We also extend our thanks to those who have supported the feeding programmes for the dry season and the roof for the church building in Kayabwa.
2013: Issue 2 - July 2013

Read about the Links International training with the Village Development committees, a micro-enterprise programme update and the Farming God's Way training in Biwi.
We also extend a sad farewell to Chrispine Ungapembe who has served us faithfully since 2008 as he move on to a new and exciting opportunity!
2013: Issue 1 - February 2013

Read about the building of the Pastor's house in Chapsinja, updates on the Farming God's Way programmes and the introduction of Mulinga Trees thanks to Links International. We also hear about the sports evangelism programme which commenced recently and extend our thanks to St Jospehs School in Oxford for repairing the school roof in Kayabwa.
2012: Issue 1 - November 2012

Read about the exciting visit from our new partners, Starhill Baptist Church from Baton Rouge in the US and the planting of a new church in Biwi. We also update you all on the micro-enterprise programme, the nursery school programme and the construction and opening of a new primary school in Chapsinja with thanks to the Crowborough Men's Group.
2011: Issue 2 - December 2011

Read about the visits we enjoyed from Links International, Starfish Malawi and Nailsea Baptist Church as well as updates on the agricultural and evangelistic programmes. We also say a very sad farewell to 4 of our team members - Hilda, Wills, Enida and Annie - who we are unfortunately no longer able to support due to the rising costs in Malawi.
2011: Issue 1 - March 2011

Read about the introduction of the Farming God's Way programme with Emmanuel Uwaezuoke of Starfish Malawi and an update from the nursery schools programme. We also update on the second visit from Links International and extend our thanks to the Crowborough Men's Group for their help in building the church in Chapsinja.
2010: Issue 2 - September 2010

Read about the traditional chiefs and community leaders programme and the beginnings of sharing the Gospel in Masula as well as the distribution of Bibles with thanks to Bradley Stoke Evangelical Church and The Evangelical Association of Malawi. We also formally welcome Pastor Likhoko to our team, provide an update on the nursery school programme and welcome Zione Mbwana to our ranks.
2010: Issue 1 - February 2010

Read about updates from the childrens ministries and the traditional chiefs and community leaders ministries as well as the first visit from Links International. We also report on the visit from none other than Duggie Dug Dug and report on the adult literacy and school link programmes in this the last of our PDF newsletters.
2009: Issue 2 - October 2009

Read about the skills development workshops and the launch of a new tea shop in the trading centre near Kayabwa village and the miraculous healing of our nursery school teacher Elita Yobo. We also welcome new faces in Annie Juma, Enida Yasini and Esther Chikoja as well as update on our agricultural programmes.
2009: Issue 1 - April 2009

In this, the first of our newsletters to supporters, we focus on the feeding programmes and the nursery schools programmes including the generous gift of new chairs thanks to Starfish Malawi. We also give the first update on the women's ministries (including the launch of the micro-enterprise programme) and the ministries to community chiefs and leaders.

"Transforming communities through the implementation of programs which affect all areas of community life including: agriculture, education, economic empowerment, advocacy and discipleship, working through the local church and community leaders."

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