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Discipleship & Evangelism

As a Christian organisation, evangelism and discipleship form the backbone to all our work. We are motivated and inspired by the word of God to love our neighbours as ourselves and to tell all nations about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Every aspect of our work from nursery schooling to agricultural training is built upon this foundation, and we believe there is no better foundation on which to build.

Africans are very spiritual people and their tribal traditions and belief in the supernatural are strong. Many adhere to ancient customs and are tied to dark spiritual rituals that are physically or spiritually harmful to both individuals and the community as a whole. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides the hope of freedom that is so desperately needed to enable people to set aside harmful traditions whilst respecting and preserving the culture of the community.

Planting churches is an essential aspect of our work in the villages and we have found that communities that embrace the Gospel are quicker to embrace the concept of their value as individuals and as a group and hence are quicker to take control of their own development. In addition to church planting we conduct evangelistic outreaches and distribute Bibles in the local language, Chichewa.
Over the next few years it is our vision to develop a missionary training centre in Malawi to train Malawians to be missionaries to their own people. We are seeking to build a residential training centre that will provide the missionaries with essential skills such as carpentry, brick-laying, house-building, agriculture and livestock maintenance, amongst others.

The trained missionaries will then travel from village to village seeking to find a community that welcomes them to build a home there and establish the work of Hope Missions amongst them. Hope Missions will then provide financial and organisational support while enabling all work to be undertaken through the missionaries’ relationship with the community and its leaders. We believe that working in this way will enable us to have the greatest impact on the community and ensure that the Christian discipleship we bring touches every aspect of village life.

"Transforming communities through the implementation of programs which affect all areas of community life including: agriculture, education, economic empowerment, advocacy and discipleship, working through the local church and community leaders."

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